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Community Impact

mg线上电子游戏在运营中采用良好的做法, with the goal of having a positive impact in the communities where we develop and operate power plants. To do so, we put in place initiatives to address key issues of importance in these communities.

An important aspect of Statkraft’s work to lead the energy transition is that Statkraft’s business must create value for both the company and the countries and communities Statkraft is operating in. The foundation for positive community impact is that Statkraft complies with the laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, 并以相关国际标准和原则为指导[1].

许多形式的能源生产与人们的生活直接相关. Solar, wind, 水力发电都是土地密集型的发电方式, and there will likely be an increase in the number of local communities being directly affected by associated activities. Statkraft is determined to find innovative solutions to the challenges of local social and economic development.

通过积极参与当地社区, Statkraft works to find ways that the company's activities can also create value for communities and countries. 启动新的建设项目, Statkraft与地方当局等地方利益相关者进行接触, 社区代表, 民间社会组织, 以及土著人民的代表,以便更好地了解对他们来说最重要的是什么, 对Statkraft的期望是什么, 以及Statkraft如何为共同挑战提供解决方案. Further, Statkraft conducts awareness programs to inform communities about the benefits of renewable energy programs, 同时也参与了其他类型的社区投资.

For example, in India Statkraft has opened a Public Information Centre at the Tidong hydropower site, 并随后召开了几次关于作物补偿的咨询会议. An important target of any project development is therefore ensuring that any loss of land, production, 或者以可持续的方式对资源进行补偿.

Statkraft assesses and manages its impacts in line with international frameworks such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and for new projects the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Statkraft integrates this international guidance into the company’s processes in the following ways:

  • Statkraft遵循缓解层次结构. This means avoid, minimise, mitigate, 或者补偿mg线上电子游戏活动的负面影响, including wherever possible exploring viable alternatives for technical design and/or location.
  • Statkraft在mg线上电子游戏的影响范围内促进社区的长期发展. This will contribute positively to the long-term sustainability of our investments by generating synergies with our host countries and communities.
  • Statkraft系统地参与, 并建立建设性和积极响应的关系, mg线上电子游戏的主要利益相关者.

Following our goal to positively impact local communities Statkraft has implemented social development programmes which are designed to minimise and mitigate the adverse impacts of the company’s operations while bringing benefits from our activities to local communities. Statkraft works with a wide range of community and social development initiatives in our countries of operation. 比如在智利, Statkraft has partnered with the INACAP Technical Training Centre and Technological University of Chile to train 40 local people in basic infrastructure maintenance. 该项目侧重于农业, 改善市场准入, 支持相关的卫生运动, 教育支持、技能和领导力培训.

To mitigate climate change, there is a need to replace fossil energy sources with renewable energy. 这意味着利用自然资源,不可避免地影响环境.

The fundamental question is whether these impacts are acceptable given the positive benefits of renewable energy. 在Statkraft的市场上, national authorities aim to balance environmental impact and utilisation of natural resources through concessions for renewable energy, Statkraft相应地将特许权要求纳入其运营.

利用水来发电, Statkraft plays an important role in managing this common resource and always seeks to establish responsible water management practices. 在Statkraft水电站的开发和运营期间, Statkraft engages with local communities to promote better use of water resources and water regulation structures.

In the past, Statkraft has successfully coordinated local communities to improve water efficiency. 比如在土耳其, Statkraft coordinated with local communities to improve efficiency in irrigation schemes downstream of the Kargi dam and also helped farmers upstream develop new agriculture initiatives like beekeeping.  In Peru, Statkraft is helping to strengthen livelihoods in rural areas by ensuring access to water and improving field irrigation systems.

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